What Is Long- Term Recovery?

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On June 23, of 2016, life as we know it changed forever in Clay County. The beautiful Elk River became a ravaging force and took with it homes, businesses, and lives. It’s been over 4 months and we are still grappling to fully recover from the devastation.

FEMA, the National Guard and the Red Cross have all packed up with so much left to do. Sadly, even when FEMA and Red Cross were here they fell far short of supplying the aid that our county so desperately needed. When the government agencies packed up and drove away, without even a glance over their shoulders, many rural sections of our county were still unaided.

Since day one it has been our area churches, small businesses, and dedicated volunteers that have kept this county’s heart beating. With 80% of our state in need, it is time to focus on Long Term Recovery.

Long-term Recovery is the time that follows a disaster in which agencies and newly formed organizations help affected persons and communities to develop and implement plans and structures for an extended recovery over a period of time.

Every long-term recovery plan is different because it is based on the needs of those affected. Long-term-recovery goes beyond the initial relief and cleanup and moves on to the rebuilding of homes and lives. This type of recovery can last a few weeks or a few years.

Typical activities that included in long-term recovery include the restoration of infrastructure and vital life support systems. An important step in this recovery period is public awareness. Those affected by this natural disaster need to know who to contact or where to go for the aid that they need.

Long term recovery is the process of restoring, rebuilding, and reshaping the physical, social economic, and natural environment through pre-event planning and post-event actions. The Greater Clay Long Term Recovery Committee is dedicated to helping everyone in Clay County affected by the flood to get their lives back to normal again. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to meeting flood victims needs.

If you were affected by the flood and are still in need of aid do not hesitate to contact the Greater Clay County Long Term Recovery Committee at (304) 587-4700

4086 Ivydale Road


Executive Board Members

Chair- Rhonda McDonald



Vice Chair- Larry Cole

Vice Chair- Pam Street

Treasurer- Tabitha Adkins. tabithasue@gmail.com

Secretary- Llyn Drake

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