About Us

Clay County, WV is a small, incredibly beautiful rural county not far from Charleston, WV. The floods of June 2016 has had a devastating impact on the county — many people have lost their homes; others can’t afford the costs to rebuild; our infrastructure has been badly damaged. But we’re a people of strong spirit.


Greater Clay Long-Term Recovery Committee was formed by volunteers to:

  • Provide physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to those affected by the disaster, without discrimination.
  • Provide coordinated leadership for long-term recovery from disaster. This includes assessing needs, both present and future, and obtaining and connecting resources.
  • Provide long-term assistance to vulnerable individuals who do not have adequate resources for basic needs as a result of the disaster .
  • Advocate for ongoing recovery efforts and long-term assistance for
    basic needs for members of the communities in Clay County affectedby disaster.
  • Provide coordinated management of long-term recovery efforts not met by relief systems such as FEMA, the American Red Cross, the Small Business Association.

Executive Board Members


Chair: Rhonda McDonald

Vice Chair: Larry Cole

Vice Chair: Pam Street

Treasurer: Tabitha Adkins

Secretary: Will be nominated and elected at next meeting.