Greater Clay LTRC

On June 23, 2016 a flood nearly destroyed our small county. Many of our neighbors and friends were left devastated by this natural disaster. It is human nature to band together after a cataclysm and that is exactly what Clay County did with the help of volunteers from all across the United States.

Lives of so many families have been severely interrupted. Homes and businesses have been destroyed or incurred heavy damage. We are so thankful for the first-responders and private citizens who braved the rising waters to help so many.

FEMA, the National Guard and the Red Cross played crucial roles, but they packed up and left us with so much left to do. We learned from this natural disaster that cooperation and solidarity are essential to recovery so after the government agencies left us behind we came together to lift each other up.

The Greater Clay County Long-Term Recovery Committee was created to provide long-term recovery services to individuals, families and community businesses affected by the flood. We are made up of your neighbors and friends, who are determined to make the safety and wellbeing of everyone affected by the flood a top priority. We have been brought together by a shared vision for our community.

We were all affected by the flood in some way. Many lost their homes while others lost access to safe drinking water, to schools and basic needs that we take for granted on a daily basis. The Clay County Long-Term Recovery Committee is working to provide localized and individualized case management of long-term recovery efforts not met by government and other immediate response-based systems like FEMA.

Each disaster is a unique event that requires careful assessment. And because relief and recovery may take a long time, it is import to create a strategic plan for long-term recovery and help the most vulnerable and severely affected people.

Recovery is not easy. It doesn’t always follow a neatly defined course or timeline. Yet there are several phases that unfold as communities begin to rebuild their lives after disasters and the Clay County Long-Term Recovery Committee is leading the way.

During long-term recovery, the work of building permanent physical structures to replace tents, trailers, or campers begins, as does the restoration of social structures. As permanent housing is being rebuilt, the social fabric of communities is again strengthened. Children are returning to school buildings. Adults have renewed opportunities to improve their livelihoods and restore their family economies. Long-term recovery helps to make life feel stable once more.

If you need assistance rebuilding your life after the flood we at the Clay County Long-Term Recovery Committee are here to help. We can help you get the resources and assistance that you need to start anew.

Clay County Long-Term Recovery Committee
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4086 Ivydale Road